Peter Walsh at Holy Mountain Studios, London. Photo by Kimi Gill

”Pete is a very gifted producer and mix engineer.
I have worked with him both in the studio and in live mode.

He is wonderful at conjuring and defining mood – which is very clear in the
landmark work he has done with Scott Walker, Simple Minds and myself amongst
He is able to see the big picture and at the same time, focus in on the
smallest detail.

I have always found him to be a positive influence and a pleasure to work
with, conscientious and committed with a good sense of humour”
Peter Gabriel

”Peter was the producer of what many believe to be our finest album – New Gold Dream.
That is saying something considering the list of album producers we have worked with,
including Jimmy Iovine, John Leckie, Keith Forsey, Steve Lillywhite, Trevor Horn.
I still find it hard to believe that Pete was only 21 years old when he produced that record.
The guy youngest in the room, the rest of us were 22!
The Simple Minds story owes so much to Peter Walsh in particular.” Jim Kerr, Simple Minds

”Pete’s a very stabilising presence in the studio and that’s essential, as we’ve faced many challenging problems together over the years.
We still make each other laugh, though and, of course, he’s a fantastic engineer.” Scott Walker

‘Working with Peter on the production of my album (‘Latin Ala G’) was a joy.
As well as his knowledge and expertise on the technical side, his input when laying down backing tracks, over-dubs, and not least vocals, was crucial
– especially for the result we achieved on completion!’ Gilbert O’ Sullivan


Multi award winning Record Producer and Recording Engineer Peter Walsh has been the man behind the console for a mountain of hit records encompassing many different musical styles from around the world. His ability to communicate on every level, both in the studio and in the live domain, with artists and technicians alike, has won him the deserved reputation of a likeable, trusted, hard working professional.

Peter learnt his craft at London’s Utopia Studios, engineering for a wide variety of artists including Stevie Wonder, Donovan, Heatwave, Spandau Ballet, The Tubes, Shalamar, and the Boomtown Rats. Moving into production, Peter turned freelance in 1981 and so started a long list of hit records which continues to this day.

From punk to pop, electronic or folk, latin, indie rock, Peter has been at the very top of an ever changing music industry for 4 decades. His early work with artists such as Heaven 17, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, Alphaville, and Scott Walker is still regarded as iconic and has influenced musicians and music fans alike.

In addition to his role as producer and engineer in the studio, Peter has been the man of choice for countless projects in the live performance arena. As well as producing, recording and mixing over 12 award winning, multi platinum selling live CDs and DVDs, Peter has enjoyed touring with Amnesty International, Peter Gabriel (Secret World Live), and has worked with Scott Walker as Sound Producer at The Royal Opera House, The Barbican Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and at the Festival Hall in London.

Peter has witnessed first hand the rapid technological revolution within the recording industry. A fond lover of analog recording, he is equally comfortable working in the digital domain and is a very proficient Pro Tools engineer. Vastly experienced as a mixing engineer in both conventional stereo and 5.1 Surround format, Peter often works from his studio in London.

Here’s just a few of Peter’s outstanding achievements –

Grammy 1994 as audio producer and audio engineer for Peter Gabriel’s ‚Secret World Live’ in the category ‘Best Long Format Music Video’

Latin Grammy 2002 as producer and audio engineer for the Miguel Bosé album Sereno in the category ‘Best Male Pop Vocal Album’

Latin Grammy nomination 2002 as producer and audio engineer for the Miguel Bosé album Sereno in the category ‘Best Album’

Premio della Critica 2007 Musica & Dischi for the Cristina Dona album ‘La Quinta Stagione’ in the category ‘ Best Italian Pop-Rock Album’

Platinum Discs
Miguel Bose – ‘Sereno’ 2x (producer / engineer)
Simple Minds – ‘Glittering Prize’ (compilation)
La Union – ‘Tren de Largo Recorrido’ 2x (producer / engineer)

Gold Discs
Heaven 17 – ‘Penthouse & Pavement’ (producer / engineer)
Simple Minds – ‘New Gold Dream’ (producer / engineer)
Peter Gabriel – ‘Plays Live’ & ‘Secret World Live’
Miguel Bosé – Papitour
Alphaville – ‘Afternoons In Utopia’ (producer / engineer)
Benny – ‘Lluve Luz’ (producer / engineer)

Silver Discs
China Crisis (producer / engineer)