The International Swingers

What do the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Generation X and Supernaut have in common?
Answer – The most amazing band – The International Swingers!

The International Swingers are a rock and roll group, based in LA

– ‘four of the most intoxicating individuals ever to share a stage’

Clem Burke– Blondie/Eurythmics
Glen Matlock-Sex Pistols/Rich Kids/Iggy Pop/ The Faces
James Stevenson– Generation X/The Alarm/Gene Loves Jezebel
Gary Twinn– Supernaut/Twenty Flight Rockers.

Produced by the band and Tommy Dietrick at The Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 and SkyLab in Los Angeles, California.

Mixed by Peter Walsh

The album is currently available to all the Swingers fans who joined the band’s Pledge Music campaign.

Follow this link for more info

Look for an official iTunes / LP / CD release later this year too.

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